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Captain Leon Lock Veterans Memorial

Memorial Park Sketch without lines
Rendering of the Captain Leon Lock Veterans Memorial

The Hampden Township Veterans Recognition Committee plans to create a multi-use park with trails and other recreational facilities on land that has been generously donated by Giant Foods near Wertzville and Valley Roads in Enola. The park will be anchored by the Captain Leon Lock Veterans Memorial where members of the community can gather for celebrations and observances. It will feature an amphitheatre concept centered around the five flags of the military branches that will be visible from Interstate 81 and other area roadways. It will be a proud and public symbol for our veterans.

The park’s trails will run around the memorial, allowing visitors to enjoy the surrounding beauty and wildlife of the creek and wetlands. As they walk along the scenic trails, visitors will also encounter another distinct feature: displays recounting the township’s proud military history and its unique connections to the armed forces. These displays will educate about the township’s Civil War heritage, the history of the Naval supply base and the veterans who has participated in our nation’s conflicts. The park will serve as a gathering point for veterans to join their friends, families and neighbors in observing Veterans Day and Memorial Day and ultimately as a place to forever remind us of the sacrifices our veterans have made.

Below is the master plan for the Hampden Township Veterans Park.

Final Concept Artifacts Removed