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Our Members

Our committee (2017) is comprised of local veteran’s and community leaders.

  • Gary Coburn, Chair (U.S. Army & Missouri Army National Guard)
  • Larry Braxton, Vice Chair (U.S. Marines)
  • Robert Weed, Treasurer
  • Charles O’Neill, Secretary
  • Jim Clay (U.S. Navy, Retired)
  • Paul Kreiner (U.S. Army)
  • Charles Sacavage (PA Air National Guard, also served in the U.S.M.C.)
  • David Getz (U.S. Army, JAG)
  • Sherri B. Chippo (U.S. Marines)
  • Georgeann Maguire, Civilian
  • Robert M. Goodman, Civilian
  • August Marchetti, Civilian